Podcast: Two Therapists Walk Into a Gay Bar


Back in March, an article on the Huffington Post highlighted the problems that many gay men continue to face despite all the progress we've made toward civil rights and social acceptance – problems like loneliness, substance abuse, sexual compulsivity, and even suicidality. The article resonated with a lot of people, and it went viral. Still, it only represented one side of some gay men's lives.

In this special post-Pride month podcast of A Therapist Walks Into a Bar, I joined with my friend and colleague Lily Sloane to explore another side of the story – the incredible strengths and resilience of gay men. We headed out to the Castro one night during SF Pride Week to ask gay men questions about overcoming personal challenges. We also spoke with our colleague Jamie Moran, an expert in group therapy with gay and bisexual men, who helped us understand some of the psychological factors that contribute to distress and resilience.

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The Expert

Jamie Moran is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience providing mental health services. He specializes in individual and group therapy for gay men facing challenges related to depression, grief and loss, HIV/AIDS, family conflict and rejection, and relationships and intimacy. Visit his site to learn more about his practice or to contact him.


Written and Produced by: Lily Sloane + Kip Williams
Theme Song: "Maruumba" by Topher M. Lewis
Additional Music + Sound Design by: Lily Sloane

Special Thanks to the strangers at the bar for talking to us and to Twin Peaks Tavern and The Mix for letting us hang out.



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