Mid-Year Supervision Evaluation

Now that we’ve reached roughly the half-way point of our year of supervision, I’d like to hear some of your thoughts about how our work together is going. Please take a look over these questions, and share as much or as little as you would like. My intention in asking for your feedback is to improve my work and to make the second half of the year an even more productive and rewarding supervision experience for you.

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I feel that there is an atmosphere of acceptance and safety in supervision.
Feedback from my supervisor is clear and constructive.
Supervision has been appropriate for my level of experience and style of learning.
I feel comfortable questioning, challenging, and doubting what my supervisor says.
Supervision helps me to formulate my case material and interventions.
My supervisor shows cultural awareness and sensitivity.
I trust my supervisor's guidance on legal, ethical, and safety issues.
I am able to reach my supervisor between sessions for emergencies or consultation.
I feel that I can talk to my supervisor about challenges in our relationship.
My supervisor provides resources that support my learning outside of sessions.
I feel that supervision is supporting my curiosity and professional growth.